Australia tourist/business visa available.
Requirements includes

1.Travel history,
Provide evidence of past travel. This should be a
certified copy of all of
the pages of your current passport showing all
entry and exit stamps from
other countries. Also provide a certified copy of
all pages of your expired
passport if available.?
Work Experience -
Provide evidence of your overseas work
experience. This may include a
certified copy of your employment contract, a
letter/statement from your
business/employer or work reference.?
Travel Documents. International passport.4.Financial capacity

Provide certified evidence of your ability to
support yourself financially
while in Australia.?
5.Assets -
Provide evidence of ownership and net value of
your total personal assets.
Include all liabilities against these assets. This
evidence may include
certified copies of bank statements, property
title deeds, property
valuations, share certificates, loan agreements,
credit card balance,
mortgage documents etc.
The visa takes 4weeks to come out.
Note; No down payment until visa comes out but client will pay $150 for visa fee.
Total fee is #550,000 and client must provide proof of evidence of visa payment to visa comes out.
For more enquiry please call 08062345259.