Bachelor of Science in NURSING- $4,928.00/semester
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - $4,928.00/semester
Bachelor in Computer Engineering- $4,928.00/semester
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- $4,928.00/semester

Master of Business Administration-$6,722.00/semester
Masters in Computer Engineering - $6,722.00/semester
Master of Information Technology- $6,722.00/semester
Doctoral Degree of Business Administration - $26,910 (total tuition)

Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology- $4,928.00/semesterAssociate of Science in Business Administration- $4,928.00/semester

Associate of Science in Business Marketing - $4,928.00/semester

Associate of Science in International Business - $4,928.00/semester

CALENDAR- Winter Semester 2017- January 3 – April 23, 2017
Summer 2017- May 1 – August 20
Fall 2017 Term A August 28December 17

The following information is required to process your enrollment application request:

1. Copy of your HS diploma and complete college transcripts (You will be required to provide a copy of your official transcripts prior to your class start.)
2. Enrollment agreement(will be provided): complete, print, date, sign and scan it as an attachment.
3. Student Profile Sheet(will be provided), complete page 1 and 2 only scan it as an attachment.
4. Pay enrollment fee of $150 and also make your $300 deposit towards your tuition and to also process your I20 and transfer form.
5. Once you’re accepted into the University, your Acceptance Letter will be sent to your email and also mailed it to address provided.
6. A $2,500 deposit is required once your F1-Visa has been issued.

Note: the visa success rate is very high for this school because of its reputation and the tuition fee deposit collected. All other visa support will be rendered by PREFAM on request.

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