Dear Sir,

We like to have a good reputation and word of mouth and referrals are key to our business strategy. They have been the best source of business for us so far. People like what we do and tell others. It works well like that, and so we’d like to encourage more of it quite frankly!

What would you do with £40?

Recommend someone you know to JMA and we will give you £40 to spend as you please!

How does it work?

For every new customer you successfully introduce to JMA, you'll receive an award of £40.

The reward is paid in cash, so you can spend it however you like!

Simply fill in our enquiry form giving us your details and that of the referral ie email and telephone numbers and any other details of the prospective student.

Their data will be kept private and confidential.

We'll contact you to let you know what progress has been made with the referral once the referral signs a contract with us.

For more details please refer to our website.

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Rep: 08067465500, 07033431959,
Email: [email protected]
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* Terms and Conditions Apply: Each successful referral will result in the referrer being paid according to the referral rewards in place when the referral is gets Visa and resumes at the University.