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Topic: Charles Dukwe 419 Companies UK4Africa, UCA, CDF, New Nation etc.

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    Charles Dukwe 419 Companies UK4Africa, UCA, CDF, New Nation etc.

    According to the overstated biography of Charles
    Dukwe published on the personal website (charlesdukwe. com), he
    studied Marketing Management at the Enugu State
    University of Science and Technology and
    proceeded to obtain Masters degrees in
    International Management and in Business
    Administration from two unnamed universities in
    the United Kingdom. Having taken great effort to
    name the primary and secondary school as well as
    the state university he attended in the country, it is
    incongruous to leave off the two UK institutions
    from which he obtained his purported Masters
    degrees. Therefore, it is not strange that we found
    no record of him graduating from any UK

    Charles claims to have authored two‘best-selling’
    African plays and a ‘best-selling’ Christian poem as
    a teenager. He claims to have played a significant
    role in the election of the US President Barrack
    Obama in 2009 and to have written a widely
    acclaimed poem for the election campaign titled
    ‘Obama Soldier’. An official of the Democratic Party,
    whom we contacted, says they have no record of
    him as a member nor have ever heard of his poem.

    Charles Dukwe brags on how he built a government own road with his personal money displayed in his website, that's another lie from Charles Dukwe, be informed that when Charles Dukwe came back to Nigeria in 2009 after duping farmstead company in US and other fraud he did in England, Canada and government of countries with his gangs, he fleed and came back to his country in Nigeria and registered a private company Dukwe Incorporated Limited in 2009 at Abuja, Nigeria. In 2010 he relocated to Port Harcourt totally broke and was hanging out in a friends house in Port Harcourt Nigeria were he slept on the floor for months as a result of his poverty, during this time his parents where residing in Aba a local part of Nigeria struggling to feed.

    In January 11 2011 popularly called 11-1-11 he started New Nation Project, Nigerias NO1 fraud scheme in history. He began selling frames at first later he introduced a mini ponzi scheme "Mini and Super Saver" he raised over N20million from the scam, as if that was not enough he created another Mini Ponzi scheme called Magic 1000 when he saw that the former was fruitful were he collected from N1000 - N15,000 from market women and the poor in Nigeria promising to give them 100% of their investment back in 3months, Charles Dukwe made over N50million from Magic 1000 scam in Nigeria.
    When Nigeria's former President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the 35% female affirmative bill Charles Dukwe capitalised on this law and organised a bigger fraud in Nigerias history called Women In Oil which he claims to use to empower women, fight gender inequality and help women by introducing them into oil and gas whereby giving them N10,000 every month starting from August 2014 only when they paid N10,000 for registration into the Women in Oil scam that they will be giving certificate to enable them receive the monthly finance he promised the women. Over 50,000 women paid Charles Dukwe N10,000 each all over Nigeria generating Millions of Dollars for him.

    At this point in disguise he rented an 8bedroom duplex in Port Harcour, Nigeria, he relocated his parents and sublings from Aba low life area to Port Harcourt accomodating them in a seperate 4bedroom duplex while he stayed in the other 4bedroom duplex. He sponsored his younger brothers wedding from the loot, sponsored a wedding from his friends who helped him in defrauding Nigerians, established businesses for his mother and family, refused to pay his workers who unknowing to them were being used to scam their loved once yet he still refused to pay them their salaries as staff.
    Contrary to claims by Charles Dukwe that he built government owned road in Port Harcourt Nigeria by his own money was a big lie, he built a road leading to his New Nation office so that when his victims sees the built road they will believe his lies and part with their money, more so the finance was not from his pocket but from the loot from Women in Oil as Charles Dukwe was broke without money to even feed.
    He only bought cars to his family and friends he had as staff and some of the cars were taken back using police men by him and his mother. Charles Dukwe Foundation is yet another fraud that Africans should be aware of.
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