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Topic: Process piping, oil and gas software training in yenagoa and portharcourt

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    Process piping, oil and gas software training in yenagoa and portharcourt

    B-Texavo Training Institute is an indigenous oil and gas training outlet of B-Texavo Energy Services. We are skilled engineers with extensive work experience within the oil and gas sector and are specialized in giving out the best oil and gas design training that will give you the relevant skills to secure a job within the sector. We are currently carrying out training on the following:

    1. Introduction to Auto CAD from the scratch
    2. Starting and organizing a drawing
    3. Precision tools
    4. Creating layers.
    5. Creating blocks
    6. Use of Auto CAD commands
    7. Drawing and designing of components.
    8. Interpretation of metric and imperial standard.
    9. Text and dimension
    10. Isometric drawing.
    11. 3D modeling

    1. Introduction to Auto CAD plant 3D from the scratch
    2. Creating a project site
    3. Creating structures and platforms
    4. Creating equipments (vessels & pumps).
    5. Creating and routing of pipelines
    6. Assigning tags and line numbers
    7. Isogen and MTO.
    8. Creating Plan, Section and Elevation drawings.

    1. Creating sites & zones
    2. Equipment design (vessels, pumps, heat exchanger, Reboilers etc)
    3. Piping routing including explicit piping
    4. Production of Piping isometrics with BOM and piping general arrangement
    5. Structural steelwork (column, beams, panels and plates, wall and floors) for civil & structural engineers
    6. ASL MODELLER (Access, stairs and ladder) for structural and civil engineers
    7. Platform Designs using beams, columns, panels and plates
    8. Conversion from PDMS draft and Isodraft to Auto CAD format.
    9. Design Project of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) plant

    1. Introduction to piping systems.
    2. Pipe components and uses.
    3. Interpreting P&ID and PGA.
    4. Pipe routing and connections.
    5. Pipe drafting & symbols (Double line and single line drafting, Pipe isometric)
    6. Pipe materials, specifications and pipe class
    7. Valve types, uses, functions and symbols.
    8. Pipe support and symbols
    9. Codes and standards (ASME, API, NFPA codes etc)


    1. Introduction to Document Control
    2. Roles and job functions in the Document Controller Profession.
    3. Document Origin.
    4. Templates, Logos & Title Blocks.
    5. Document Lifecycle.
    6. Internal Documents & Documents of External Origin.
    7. Document Taxonomy.
    8. File Plan Building/Folder Structure.
    9. Document Types\Disciplines.
    10. Document Identification/Numbering System.
    11. Managing Deliverables/MDR.
    12. Attributes of Master Document Register.
    13. Transmittals\Transmittal Log.
    14. Attribute of Transmittals\Log.
    15. Document Issuance/Communication.
    16. Quality Control/Squad Check.
    17. Eliminating Document Duplication.
    18. Revision Control\Issue Status.
    19. Document Review Flow Process.
    20. Approvals.
    21. Document Distribution Matrix.
    22. Master, Controlled, Uncontrolled and Superseded Documents.
    23. Electronic Filing Structure\Naming Convention.
    24. Interactions with project teams, engineering team, Project managers.
    25. Tracking & Expediting action on Deliverables.
    26. As-built Documentation.
    27. Final documentation and Safety.
    28. Electronic Document Management Systems (SharePoint Overview) and How to Implement an EDMS.

    Build up yourself to fit in and allow the oil industries look for you. We also sell all kinds of Design software, latest versions. For more details and inquiry you can contact BTexavo Training Institute, Destiny Chamber's Building, No 7 Asueifai Hospital Street, Off Bay Bridge Road, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
    Mobile Contacts: 08189566196, 07012978298
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.btexavo-energyservices.com

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    Re: Process piping, oil and gas software training in yenagoa and portharcourt

    PH Based Oil companies and their addresses, Phone Nos, url


    Westspool engineering Limited is a wholly Nigerian engineering consultancy company specializing in the design and management of oil and gas production facilities with additional expertise in flow assurance modeling and optimization. We design and manage operation of all equipment from the wellhead to the receiving facility. This includes process equipment, transport flowlines/pipelines.We provide engineering expertise in the following areas: Training-Process engineering /hydraulic software,Field development planning,Flow assurance,Engineering design,Production system dynamic simulation and Trouble shooting,Process control and tuning capabilities.

    Visit our website http://www.westspoolengineering.com

    We provide engineering design expertise in all phases of a project:

    Conceptual /Feasibility Studies.
    Concept selection.
    Pre-Feed engineering.
    Advanced Pre-Feed Engineering.
    Feed Engineering.
    Detailed Engineering.
    We also provide engineering expertise to clients in the areas of engineering and design Disciplines include the following:
    Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil/Structural, Process, Flow assurance.
    CADD Designers.
    Construction project Engineers.

    Flow Assurance

    A strong understanding of the principles of fluid flow, heat transfer, fluid phase equilibria and thermodynamics, combined with a broad knowledge of field operations make us a firm choice for Flow Assurance studies. We perform a comprehensive Flow Assurance study which analyses all areas of the fluid-pipe interaction leading to the development of a design and operational philosophy.
    Specific studies include the following:
    Fluid Analysis.
    Hydrate formation and asphaltene precipitation.
    Steady-state and Transient thermal analysis.
    Operating flow regime determination over field-life.
    Production shutdown/cool down study.
    Pipeline Blowdown/Depressurization /Orifice size selection.
    Production start-up.
    Slugging Analysis and mitigation.
    Hydrate and wax management studies.
    Pipeline erosion study.
    Slug catcher Volume calculation.

    Westspool capability to predict and mitigate hydrate formation and calculate the inhibitor require to prevent hydrate formation during transient operations. We also offer Pipeline Capacity And Deliverability solutions.
    The aim of our pipeline capacity and system delivery service is to maximize recovery rates and improve project economics. Specific studies include:
    Pipeline sizing and steady-state thermo-hydraulic studies.
    Pipeline network analysis for optimal production delivery.
    Erosional velocity studies.
    Production optimization studies.
    Well Flow line hydraulic studies.

    Training & Consultancy

    Westspool engineering has pulled together the depth of knowledge, training, consultancy and project experience of its consultants to offer our Flow Assurance training package. Our curriculum has 2 main courses –
    OLGA-based focus to turn the beginner into an OLGA user, capable of performing real flow assurance task.
    Comprehensive overview of flow assurance considerations that must be made to ensure asset delivery, robust design and sound operating philosophy.

    The course approach is to turn the beginner into an OLGA user, able to perform practical flow assurance tasks. A combination of lectures and exercises guide your understanding of flow assurance challenges, the fundamentals of multiphase pipeline thermo-hydraulics, and how to apply OLGA in practical flow assurance tasks. The course integrates the use of Matlab to generate Olga input files for parametric studies. Our experienced instructors focus on how you can turn your data into a good and effective OLGA model, and how you should perform your simulations. No previous experience with OLGA is necessary, but a general knowledge of pipe flow and the thermodynamics is an advantage.

    The topics covered by lectures, exercises and hand-out material include:
    Basic multiphase production hydraulics and thermal issues.
    Introduction to OLGA topology and basic assumptions.
    Introduction to PVTsim Nova1/Multi flash simulation package.
    Gas condensate pipeline-modeling - pigging, turndown, ramp-up, multiphase-phase flow, separator with level control.
    Flow Assurance issues for oil and gas-condensate production.
    Terrain slugging mitigation, hydrodynamic slugging and OLGA Slug tracking.
    Shut-in, cool-down, start-up and depressurization of a well-flow line-riser configuration.
    Building a simulation model with minimum information.

    A complete representation of the production system incorporating well, flow line and topsides process equipment in a dynamic model for system trouble shooting Service generally include the following:
    Production system trouble shooting.
    Production system performance evaluation.
    Expanding an existing production asset.

    Visit our website http://www.westspoolengineering.com

    Production Systems Dynamic Simulation

    A detailed representation of the production system incorporating the well, flow line and topsides process equipment in an integrated dynamic model is developed and applied for system modification assessment, optimization, de-bottlenecking studies, etc
    Identify production system bottlenecks and constraints.
    Analyze the benefits of new wells, equipment, pipelines, compression systems, etc.
    Determine required response time for HIPPS system. Services typically include the following:
    Production system performance evaluation.
    Production system diagnostics and debottlenecking.
    Expansion of existing Assets.
    Assessment of System operability.

    Visit our website http://www.westspoolengineering.com

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