Most people know they can make money building websites (remember the 78million for a website saga) but what they do not know is that it is very easy to build them. Are you among those who dreams of developing a powerful website but you have NO programming experience? Do you know you can build beautiful web applications without coding. We present to you a powerful tool for building web application. It works as if you are just filling a form online!
Drupal is a free and open source software that can be used to build powerful web applications (e.g website of WHITE HOUSE, USA) and does not require technical skills. Yes, no technical skill is involved! It is used to easily create and manage diverse websites. I have helped you highlight some superb reasons why learning Drupal should be of utmost priority to you.· NO BASIC PROGRAMING LANGUAGE IS REQUIREDProgramming languages are used to interact with the computer, they are cool tools but that is to the tech guys. Programming is like going to the market to buy rice and all ingredients required no it to cook fried rice but who does that? when Drupal is providing all the ingredients of fried rice itself. All you need know is the right quantity that’s all!.EASY TO LEARNYES, Drupal is very easy to learn. For example, organizes a training where you can learn Drupal in just one weekend. Many people have mastered Drupal and developed beautiful websites by just attending their trainings.· 100% FREE AND VERY SEO FRIENDLYYou won’t want build a website that costs a million when there are other methods that are free and would serve you even better. Drupal helps you build website and would further aid in searching your website.· SUPPORTS UP TO 110 LANGUAGES WORLDWIDEDrupal is so all encompassing of all most languages including Arabic, Persian and Hebrew. This features caps it among other tools in building website· ACCELERATES YOUR DIGITAL PRESENCEGone are those days when we have to go to major markets to buy our foodstuff now small shops all around us. I am sure you don’t want your biz to be the highest hanging fruit (inaccessible) rather the low hanging ones. Drupal helps you in digitalizing your business· HAS MORE THAN 2000 FREE COMMUNITY-CONTRIBUTED THEMESWith Drupal as your tool there is no worry on where and how to source for themes for free. There more than 2000 free designed themes that work just too perfect for your tasteAnd many more… Not convinced yet?
Billions of amazing websites have been built using the Drupal tool. I have helped you in compiling some of them.

  • (yes! That white house in USA)
  • (Ubuntu (Linux) OS)
  • (MTN Nigeria business portal)
  • (Havard University, USA)
  • (Sahara reporters News)
  • (Leadership Newspaper)
  • (An Online portal)

And many more...