Hello Friend,

My name is Michael Chibuzor and I own a chain of
websites making me money with some little
effort... yes I work on it to make the money.

But I have discovered that Nigerians have a problem with
making money both online and offline and here are the top
5 reasons why you will never make money online:

(1) Negative Mindset.
Nigerians don't actually believe that internet business is
real. Someone called me and asked If I was one of those
scammers out there. I said "NO." everybody is not a fraudster,
although they abound but real people exist. When all you
know is SCAM, then what you are afraid of will get to you one
day... your money will be duped. Change your mindset first.

(2) Get Rich Quick.
Nigerians wants to make it quick quick whether online or offline.
But this is totally a wrong ambition. Just like anything in life,
internet business is an entity and needs to be worked on.
You can get rich doing business online but not so QUICK.

(3). Dollar Mindset.
Since 2007, I have been making money right here in Nigeria.
Up to N50,000 and more selling information products. But nobody
believe it's possible. Nigerians love Dollars more than they like
naira and that is one dangerous factor that can stop you from making
money both online offline. Money is money, forget the dollars

(4). Too Much Information.
Nowadays, whenever I come to this forum, I see a lot of make money
here and there. Forget it, that is information overload. You don't
need much information but one single one. Let me tell you, no matter
what you see online, every business cements down to selling. It all
depends on your own position. Go with an idea and you will make money.

(5). No action.
People attend seminars and buy all sorts of e-book but how many
have they put to work. Making money online or in Nigeria takes
some little work. You must take action or else you will make no money.

I hope this helps you, please reply to this post and let me know what you
feel, you can visit my website to know more about me and how to
make your own money without much information: http://www.thinkearnings.com/

I believe in your success.

Michael Chibuzor
(the Rich Kid)