Job Description
The editor-in-chief is also known as the executive editor, and manages all the day-to-day operations of a publication, such as a newspaper, magazine, trade publication, or academic journal. The editor-in-chief oversees all of the assistant, or department, editors of a publication and ensures each issue is released on time.

Job Duties

Ø The editor-in-chief is responsible for hiring, especially of the assistant editors
Ø The editor-in-chief creates the editorial board, or outline.
Ø The editor-in-chief reviews all articles and photographs for accuracy as well as potential libel or slander, and provides suggestions, if needed, about any changes to make before the publication goes to press or is released digitally. Layouts and design need approval by the editor-in-chief.
Ø The editor-in-chief has the final word about which stories and photos get published.
Ø The editor-in-chief meets regularly with the publisher or publication board to discuss issues, plans, and other business relating to the publication.
Ø The editor-in-chief has the responsibility of drawing up budget proposals and any other information requested by the publisher.
Ø The editor-in-chief generates ideas for new ways of doing things, such as using new technology, implementing ways to increase readership, and how to utilize new media.
Required Education:
Bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, or related field

Mode of application: qualified and interested applicant should forward cv and cover note to the HR at hr.syst [email protected]. com not later than 2 weeks of this publication Only applicant resident in Lagos need apply
Note: not abiding to this advice will lead to total disqualification; only shortlisted applicant will be contacted.
Price: N180000