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Topic: How to start up a Business with little capital

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    It is very difficult but not impossible to start a business without capital because ideas are more important than capital. If you have the idea, the resources needed will be attracted.

    So what idea(s) do you have? To rephrase it: what problems can you see around you that annoys you and you wish someone could solve?

    If you can find solutions to those problems, then you are on your path of creating wealth because solutions to problems are opportunities of creating wealth.

    Remain blessed___________________________________________ ______

    Uche K. Oparah

    Founder/Chief Customer Evangellist


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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Hello House,
    Can anybody give details of what is required to start a Pure water business processing?


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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    The best business with small capital is online business no doubt about that. You can even start without capital. you can get immediate reimbursement for what you spent. Here are two of such, I dear you try them. www.internetjumboincome.com and www.mybestinternetcash.com

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    I just want how to start a particular small buz

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Hi folks,

    while surfing the net to ways of earning online I stomped on some sites I found interesting.
    It's interesting cos some pals have had problems with sinking cash to get one payment pro to start online biz but have had problems possibly in verification, withdrawal while some have encountered scams etc.

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    I would advise you to create another email address for this job cos you will be receiving a lot of mails in your junks as well as your inbox. Some of the organizations pay more when you read their mails and links.

    Make referrers and also get paid (infact that's the fastest way of getting your cash accumulate). I will keep updating you with more sites that you just click view for 30 secs, you get paid either 1cents, 50$, etc. it depends with the organization.

    But remember what i said earlier, get a liberty reserve account if you don't have one and you can mail me encase you need clarification.
    For now keep on building your portfolio. Takia!!!

    Wait for my update folks, we have to get were we are suppose to be!!

    Success at your Door!!

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital


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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    Pls to the house, i assist people to obtain Nigeria international passport.
    Pls contact Dotun should u need- 07065929026, 08053018096 08023938139 & 017432654


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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital


    You business need is a website. At evalues, we design professional website for businesses.
    10 pages website is N15,000. SMART DELIVERY GUARANTEED.Call Mike on 08029620538


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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    You can start an e-messaging business. You can get the entire Bulk SMS Kit for N80,000. Just visit www.n2sms.net

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    Re: How to start up a Business with little capital

    There are a lot of businesses you can start with little capital, if you have been listening to your radio the past months, you would have heard advert on how to become your own boss with little capital. Its very possible. When we talk of little capital, we mean as little as N10, 000.

    The only thing that separates possibility from impossibility is knowledge. who would had imagined that several thousand tons of steel can fly in the air? or float on sea? Those who don't know, still don't know. A popular saying goes thus

    " my people parish for lack of knowledge". A person asked earlier "what kind of business can i start with N10, 000" another person in reply posted a smiley, apparently making a mock of the questioner. Well with all pleasure i want to tell you that it is indeed possible. But if you don't know, you will still be wondering why a plane should fly.

    Yes it is true you must have knowledge of the business before venturing into it. Almost all kinds of business are lucrative, if not it would had been extinct. The only difference between those who succeed in it and those who fail boils down to Knowledge and perseverance.

    You must be prepared to face some down times at the initial start. Don't be like the man who sold his gold field barely three feet from the gold because he had been digging for months and found nothing.

    You can never be well informed about a business by look at it off board.

    Considering the fact that you are starting small, you might not have the money to sponsor a feasibility study. So you are left with no option other than to venture into it.

    How do you start?

    You need some mentoring. Find a mentor. Someone who has been in the business long enough and knows the intrigues of the business. What kills most business men is running when they have not learn how to crawl. Don't be too proud to serve. (not worship). And if you cannot find a mentor, take a tenth of the money and gamble with it. If you lose that, the pains will be small and you will have something to fall back on. If you go pumping thousands or millions into a business you have little knowledge of simply because you saw someone else succeed in it, you will end up borrow money to try to salvage the money you pumped in and might eventually not only become broke, but a serious debtor cause you will not be able to pay even the one you borrowed.

    So mos often starting small is always an advantage.

    In all these, don't forget to study. To learn at every given opportunity. No knowledge is wasted. You never know where your lime light will fall.

    Now back to self employment. That is the only cure for unemployment. No matter how many telecoms company enter Nigeria, or new bank branches that are opened, or how many tobacco factory the government allows to pollute our environment, or how many oil companies that will pollute the land and turn the youths to rebels, one thing is certain they can never have enough jobs to satisfy the huge number of graduates that are pouring out of the universities every year. (most are half baked though. I did not say it, i only read of it.)

    Now self employment will in the long run open up more job opportunities for others. I challenge the Nigerian graduates to dare to take 1 to 3 high school dropouts out of unemployment by creating job openings. Use your brain. Go start something. Stop carrying big envelops filled with CVs running the streets like bambi-ala begging for jobs. Use your head!!!

    Now well sha! my own is said. if you know you want to start a small business with little capital, call me on 08035353483 or drop me a mail at [email protected]

    I will teach you how to produce liquid soap, air freshener, disinfectant, antiseptics, toilet wash, insecticide, shampoo, detergent, body spray, aftershave, glass and tiles cleaner, stain remover, bleach, rust remover , the list just goes on. you will be surprised that you can start a production industry with as little as N10, 000 and in few months be talking with the big boys. What you need is your head. We are blessed with abundant natural and human resources. Most of whom are trained to answer yes sir! yes sir!. Take advantage of that.

    Bless you as you think.

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    i like your ideal

    how was your day? i really need a job i'm a marketer.


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