Hello guys,

My name is Felix Alakija, I am Full time Internet investor having portfolios in Nigerian and foreign investment programmes.
I have been into online investments since 2011 and it has been my source of income. Besides, I am an engineer by nature but internet investments have paid me.
I am not into hyips (all those investments that pay you highly within days, those carry your money and waste it like hell). When I started, I participated in it (3 different programmes), they burned up my total deposit of $700.00 not to talk of the returns that I was expecting, thats story for another day.
I am into L.Y.I.P.S (low yield investment programmes), these are very guaranteed and I can say I am an expert in it. I have like 3 that I am into now that are foreign (I make use of perfect money, solid trust pay and bit coin) and I have 2 Nigerian investment programmes that I have researched and am into full time. (you deposit into their financial manager's bank account)

The 3 foreign investment programmes that I am into are:

They pay big time, in short I get paid weekly from this companies. I am even a regional representative of USDBIZ (GO CONFIRM FROM THEIR SITE). I am naturally a risk taker hence I invested $500.00 into USD Biz while I deposited $350.00 both into nanoincomes and inv-compass. I have been with them since early this year, January to be specific. I have made my capital back from all the companies and good profits, my main way of maximizing my profit is by referrals. I tell you this because I knopw you demand financial freedom and you are tired of lack, you can follow my step and I will tell you the best companies you can invest in by time.

Now that is for my foreign investments. Here is my personal, undiluted testimony about my Nigerian investment programmes.

As a natural Nigerian (9ja man...lol), to change foreign dollars into naira is one hell of a challenge (especially for newbies and the rate at which dollars go high nowadays) so I started looking for Nigerian investment companies. I am not a quitter and I will never quit because I know there is so much money to be made from the internet.
Luckily for me, searching through the papers, I saw an ad, it caught my eye, I think Complete Sports newspaper in late 2014. It was a Nigerian investment opportunity into importation, telecommunications and foreign exchange trading. They called themselves Goldwise Nigeria. They do not have a website, to get to them is via their investors (someone who has been with them and has been paid was advertising them to get more clients).
His name is Bakare Oluniyi, we talked for long and I asked for the credibility of the company, he told me that he has been with them for 4 months, their office is located at Abuja and he has been paid consistently (he invested with them a first trial of 33k by May, 2014 and got 66k according to Goldwise Start). When he was paid, he invested another amount of 300k and he got his returns of 600k, the plan he was in for the 300k deposit was Goldwise Empower). The convinction made him advertise for more clients and that was the period I saw him.

As a Nigerian, you must open your eyes, do not believe everything you have heard, you must be sharp and do your due diligence. I told him I would participate, he should give me time. I confirmed their office at Abuja via the address they gave me but I was still doubting. Only my sense of risk and money management was my friend at that time. I started with 10k with goldwise in February 2015, before you know, they paid me 20k into my savings bank account in 30 working days excluding weekends and public holidays (Goldwise Start Plan). It is a risk, remember and it has paid off.

I took another risk again to invest 50k also by April and they paid me 100k by ending of May, I was so suprised. I told my friends and let them know about my former investments which has paid off. We all agreed to contribute 550k together (I contributed 250k and my friends, 2 of them contributed 150k each). We did the investment by July, 550k deposit is Goldwise empower, we will receive our returns in 40 working days including weekends and excluding public holidays.

Imagine my suprise when Goldwise Nigeria called us and told us our funds are ready, we were paid 1.1 million into the bank account we gave them. We were totally fascinated and flabbergasted.

I do not know about you, I do not care what you think but I am so so happy, excited and impressed about the performance of the company. Do your due diligence for yourself, go and confirm them, they pay and they pay well.

I am here to let you know about my personal experience about them.

Let me tell you what I know about them in summary, I am getting tiored of typing anyways.

GoldWise Nigeria (R.C. 6291 is an investment platform that appeals to all members of the society. They have been in the business of empowerment and public change since 2006 being low profile so as to cater to the needs of the public companies and small businesses that needs them but they are expanding to shine their effectiveness on the mass public due to the rate of poverty, unemployment and job insecurity in the country.

They have 4 different plans(they would send it to you if you ask them) and their minimum capital is 10k for students and 30k for business workers.

You can contact them at [email protected] or call them at 08146481938 for more inquiries. Their office is located at Abuja, go there yourself and confirm, do not condemn what you have not tried and take a safe risk that will better your life.

This is my personal experience that I share, do not wait too long nor delay, particpate in my SURE foreign and Nigerian Investment companies (they would better your life, I assure yOU)

If you want to talk to me more, mail me at [email protected] or call me at 09039203776. I will answer all your questions but please do not call me at night unless you have booked an appointment with me via call/email.

Do you want to know more, let me know.

NOTE: I have another Nigerian company that is sure and paying and they operate strictly by investor referral code, well call me or email me for more inquiries if you are interested friend. Their minimum is strictly 40k and they pay within 6 weeks.

Your Internet Investment Friend,
Felix Alakija