Invitation to become electronics payment (online & mobile) Agent

The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) had license about 16 organizations to operate mobile payment service for over 70 millions GSM subscribers in Nigeria. The service used in providing financial services to unbanked, under-banked and bank customers (irrespective of their primary banks), without opening formal bank accounts. Since agents will be needed all over Nigeria for successful effective of the mobile payment service, and over 200,000 agents will be needed for a start, there will be money-making opportunities for those who can work as agents.

In addition, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has also issued 12 month deadline on limit of daily cash withdrawal and lodgments by individual at N150,000 and N1million by corporate organization. The policy, which will kick off June 2012, adopted to reduce the high usage of cash, moderate the cost of cash management and encourage the use of other electronics payment channel

Furthermore, some universal banks are now increasing there minimum account balance from N1000 to between N20,000 – N50,000 which make it difficult for lower income customers to operate either saving or other bank account, but have alternative for affected customer to migrate to self-service electronics banking channels and mobile payment platform.

In this case, we therefore introduce M-Paying electronics payment channel to you as one of reliable e-payment service in Nigeria. M-Paying is a version of karems online company registered in Nigeria under corporate affair commission, operated to provide electronics payment solution and private online service need. Our electronics payment channel develop with almost all needed features for customer online private needs in making payment online for goods, services and fund transfer. This means that we have provided convenience for customers for their online and mobile payment. We also provide security for the customer protection; customer credit card details are never exposed, the information is protected by VeriSign, the highest encryption technology commercially available. Whenever customer register or sign in to our site, we verify that your Internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher.

Moreover, there is attractive remunerations and commission for agent. The company gives 25% of net charges on transaction to the agent for online payment, while 60% of mobile payment sharing commission will be given to the agent on mobile payment service. The agent can earn between N50,000 - N300,000 monthly depending on it performance.
To become an agent for the electronics payment channel, the following requirements are needed for agent registration.

  • 1 smart phone recommended (tecno system, tecno 0707,tecno trinity or blackberry)
  • Shop/office/kiosk for business location
  • 2 passport photograph
  • Identification (national id, int’l passport, driving license)

We have provide all necessary tools needed for marketing to help the agent achieve their goal and objective. Advert will be place on national newspaper, facebook, Google and distribution hand bill for the public awareness and also agent detail shall be place on the agent location page for easy and quick access to the agent.

Where a platinum-agent has 5 gold agents and each gold-agent has 5 silver agent enrolling customers; then if each silver agent has average of 300 active customers that do an average of 3 transactions per month, estimated monthly income could be
Type of Agent
Customer base
Silver Agent
Gold Agent
Platinum Agent

Also the profit opportunity in this business is vast and it is not fixed, depending on agent persuasion ability. You can also make between 5% to 20% from the transaction. If you work hard enough, you can have a customer base of 500 ready to patronize the service. And if each of these 500 customers transacts an average of N100 everyday on recharge cards, you will arrive at a modest of 5 x 30 x 500, giving you N75, 000 monthly. This is aside what will come to you as service charge fee, from the other multiple services, this service charge fee is not fixed, and it depends on your ability to persuade your customers.

In view of this, you can now join the winning team of M-Paying agent platform to grab millions of naira to be made in this lucrative business opportunity.

To Participate, send sms message in this format

Agent, Business/Cafe name, GSM number, email, Full Business Address (city,local govt area & state) : text to 08038928708
You can also call 08186793172 for more details