A platform born out of careful research, JAVMAT is outstanding on all fronts! The Javmat advantage Two way advantage. Some of the features of Javmat include
1.No like to like payment/pairing, no package restriction. You don’t have to ponder about which package is fast paying.( that is anyone can pay anyone in any package)
2. Javmat Coins, alo known as JC currently: is an open source P2P cryptocurrency that operates with no central authority or banks. Payments can be sent instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world. JC will continue to evolve for the ever changing needs of a smarter world. Marcoin is like bitcoin and it's accepted worldwide.
Upon every confirmation your account will be credited with JAVMAT COINS equivalent to your package joining fee, as you recycle your JC increases.
You don’t have to worry about losing your investment as your JAVMAT COINS is worth more than your investment. NO MORE LOSS. Investment plans here includes
Javmat investment is created for long term benefit.
Give?5k Get?10k + 2,500 JC
Give?10k Get?20k + 5,000 JC
Give?20k Get?40k + 10,000 JC
Give?50k Get?100k + 25,000 JC

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Some additional features include :
- Auto Merging
- Purge button
- Auto Re-merging
- Secured site with SSL Certificate
- etc.

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