Have you been losing your bets more often than usual? Take your time and read this; this may be the secret that you have been searching for to win nearly any bet you place!

Have you had that experience of waking up every morning, reaching to your phone or PC to log into your on-line account and all you could see almost every day is “Bet Won”? This is real, it happens to professional punters always.
Do you know that games with odds as little as 1.01 aren’t banker bets and fails most times? Sure they do! Look at the two images below, notice their odds and their out – comes.
Notice: JK Nomme Kalju, was given an odd of 1.12 and Tallinna FC Levadia an odd of 1.30 to win their respective matches.
Image 2 ==>> Notice: Trakai FK, was given an odd of 1.14 and Lietava Jonava an odd of 1.85 to win their respective matches.
Do you know professionals who are very good analyzers at punting would spot these mistakes by the Bookies easily, these Bookies know how to frustrate their clients with little odds for most games so that they may get confused and end up selecting the wrong options thereby leading to a lost bet. We know all these tricks, that’s why when we noticed these above games we had to take their screen-shots and wait for their outcomes too. We find games like this almost everyday and we capitalize on them, don’t waste you money on unsafe and unsure games, have professionals analyze games for you before staking your hard earn money, believe us money isn’t easy to come by now, especially if you are working in Africa or a student in Africa you would understand this.

Have a look at a screen-shot of our account below on Merrybet and Nairabet, the account of a professional should look like this or more! With almost all bets placed, won.
Definitely when you know that your bets are sure and would hardly fail, you would place your bets with high amounts, that is what we have done here, look at the images above and take a look at the stakes. When you bet and you make losses every time, you aren’t investing, but when you bet and make lot of winnings almost everyday then you are on the right path.
Stop Gambling!!!! Start Investing.

Have you been punting/betting and had never profited from it before?
Have you been experiencing streak of losses?
Do you want to take football as an investment rather than gambling?
Do you know that with three odds and above per day you story can change?
Have you lost thousands while betting on-line before?

If any of your answer is “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you need to opt in to Aeroberry’s Premium Bronze package and have your punting account’s history look like ours. In no time you would start smiling to the bank, this is among one of the sure guaranteed on-line ways to make extra income.

This is a package for everyone: Students who loves or take punting as an investment to provide for their extra need or extra cash can opt into this package, workers, PHD and BS.c holders, Investors, Business men/women e.t.c. can go for this package. This package is very effective and cheap when compared to the other two packages [Silver and Gold] and can turn your capital of hundreds to thousands.
Then imagine what would happen to those who stake with thousands e.g 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 20,000, 100,000 e.t.c.
As a Bronze premium member here are your benefits:

[1] Two sure tickets above 99% confidence level would be sent to you daily with the inscription ==>> “Ticket No.1 and Ticket No. 2”. On weekends or weekdays where we could spot banker bets that are up to 8, 9 or 10 in number with each game having an odd above 1.50 for each, we would send ticket No.2 as a Fold.
[2] Ticket No.1 is usually within 3.00 odds and above, it cannot go below 3.00 odds but can rise above 3.00 odds. This ticket no.1 is actually safe and good to play, they are less risky and win almost everyday.
[3] Ticket No.2 has nothing less than 4.00 odds, this 4.00 odds can increase to above 8.00 when sure risky games like correct scores, Halftime/Fulltime, Under/Overs, Clean sheet, Win and BTS, BTS and over 2.5 goals e.t.c. are spotted. However it would not go below 4.00 odds for any reason.
[4] On weekends or weekdays where the number of games to be played are usually high e.g Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or any other days with high number of games where we could spot banker bets with high odds, ticket No.2 would change to a Folded kind of bet or a Lucky 63 Kind of Bet.
[5] You are guaranteed of winnings, maybe a trial would convince you.

5 essential benefits you stand to get as a premium member.

Your would be smiling almost everyday to the bank, because your hard earned 7000 Naira you invested with us will be making lots of cash for you.
You would be making good cash from the Bookies within few days after subscription.
Most members do start up businesses on their own with our premium tips, by setting up a website or Facebook groups or any social media groups and resell these games, thereby making even higher profits . You could be the next, you can do whatever you want with those tips as long as it complies to moral policies and laws .
At the end of the month you would be happy you subscribed with us .
Finally the benefits are too numerous to be mentioned, little wonder we have thousands of subscribers with lesser or no complaints at all.

Example of a Fold, Super Heinz and a Lucky 63 kind of special bets.

A Fold, Lucky 63, Super Heinz, Canadian, Goliath and all other kind of special bet allows the individual to win a bet even if one or two bet still loses. This game is real and can be found on most Bookies, in Nigeria Merrybet and Nairabet has these options. See Snapshot from our account below.
Not to make this post lengthy we would restrict the image, find other images by clicking here.

Its no news that our 99-100% safe games which we do post on the website for free hardly fails, this is so because we invested lot of money to professional tipsters who are good at analyzing games and following team news.
The big truth is that you will be dumbfounded at the winning rate, as you see yourself making good cash. Little wonder our subscribers database is increasing tremendously and the traffic visiting our premium page is undoubtedly ” large ” on a daily basis.
Apart from this ticket No.1 given above, we would also give you a ticket 2 type of bet, after the first ticket consisting of a minimum of 4.00 odds on weekdays and 100 – 500 odds on weekends or weekdays where we could find banker bets that are more than 5 in numbers and have an odd of noting less than 100.[These are for our special bets like Fold, Lucky 63 or Super Heinz]
Once these games are given we would ask you to play them as a Fold, singles, Lucky 63 Or as a Super Heinz. When you play them as a Fold, Super Heinz, Singles or a Lucky 63 and one or two of these games fails among the six or eight game which would be given to you, superb profit is guaranteed unlike accumulator whereby if a game fail you would loss everything. Here is an example of a Folded bet below and a lucky 63 kind of bet.
This ticket no. 2 are given every day and are risky but sure bets. So Accumulator are given out daily and special bets are given out at weekends or days where the number of matches to be played for a particular day is high.

TypeOfBet: Heinz
totalBettingAmount: 2850.00
Bonus: 1126.27
Possible win: 0.00
Won: 19493.37
1. 05.11.15 19:00
SSC Napoli – FC Midtjylland (First Team to win both halves )
Customer type: Yes @ 2.45
Result: Yes
2. 05.11.15 19:00
FC Groningen – FC Slovan Liberec (Draw no bet)
Customer type: (0)FC Slovan Liberec @ 2.15
Result: (0)FC Slovan Liberec
3. 05.11.15 19:00
Olympique Marseille – Sporting Braga (Draw no bet)
Customer type: (0)Sporting Braga @ 3.00
Result: (0)Olympique Marseille
4. 05.11.15 19:00
Celtic FC – Molde FK (Handicap 0:1)
Customer type: Molde FK @ 2.30
Result: Molde FK
5. 05.11.15 19:00
FC Sion – FC Girondins Bordeaux (Draw no bet)
Customer type: (0)FC Sion @ 1.65
6. 05.11.15 21:05
Rosenborg BK – SS Lazio Roma (Draw no bet)
Customer type: (0)Lazio Roma @ 1.95
Result: (0)Lazio Roma
7. 05.11.15 19:00
Borussia Dortmund – FK Gabala (First Team to win both halves )
Customer type: Yes @ 1.65
Result: Yes

See real screen shot taken from Mobile view for this game below.
Won 2
Notice that FC Sion drew and it was canceled and again Braga Lost yet we won, with a stake of 2,850 we made more than 20,000 Naira including bonus.
This was so because we did not play them as an accumulator but as a Heinz. The same would also apply if you played them as Singles, Fold or as a Lucky 63. The difference only reflects in the prices of these options.

In summary the two above images shows how our ticket No.1 and Ticket No.2 looks like on weekdays and weekends.
With our betting strategy and our best of picks, you are guaranteed of making good wins before your 30 days period runs out. This is so because we need you to resubscribe after a period of 30 days, hence we would try our possible best to see that you make good wins, so that at the end of 30 days you can resubscribe with our company, with this we would be progressing as a business and you too.
Summary ==>>
[1] We don’t sell fixed match, all matches given by Aeroberry tipsters are severely analyzed by high statistical data, hence ensuring us good success rate.
[2] Because they are not fixed but predicted, these games may fail most times however the success rates are higher than the failure rates on most basis. In some weeks we may hit 7/7 wins, 6/7 wins, or 5/7
Most time when the week is unfavorable we may be hitting 4/7. This is the least we have seen so far as at the time this article was written and published.
The winning rate we specified above is for the first ticket of at least 3 odds which we update for you almost everyday on our premium membership page.
[3] To ensure that you are satisfied and to help you make more money/Profits we increase the odds for you by giving you a ticket 2. This ticket comes with at least 50 or 100 odds and it is updated or sent to members only on days where we could spot banker bets with high odds [at least 1.50 and above] and these games must be at least six in numbers. So weekends or weekdays with high number of matches would be a great day for these kind of bets. So relax let us do the hard-work for you.
[4] So as a member you will be enjoying two types of ticket games from us, firstly the ticket game with at least 3 odds that comes daily and secondly the ticket games that has at least 50 – 100 odds that comes at intervals.
[5] Do you think we are scam ? Or do you think getting games as high as 2 – 3 odds may be hard for us ?
Then give us a trial and see for yourself or click on this link to see our previous performance of our free tips with incredible odds, from our free serious minded tipsters.
Why not try our paid tipsters and see more results.

Aeroberry.com proudly offers best tip for everyone’s viewing pleasure, every tip published on this website are seriously analyzed and are collected from professional and top punters all around the world. This means that the games you see on our website daily are top games played by professional in the punting industry. This explains the reason why we don’t update games early enough or not publish games on most days, we only publish games on days were we could spot banker bets and get information from top tipsters all around the world. Information derived from this website would have cost you more but we give them all for free.

What does Aeroberry’s Premium membership entails and what motivated us ?

Our website publishes banker bets and followers noticed the success rate of our tips, we venture into different markets [e.g First half win, over 0.5 goals in first half, unders, Halftime/Fulltime and lot of other options] where many website could not venture into and still make outstanding performance / result. Due to these reasons followers kept calling us for banker bets and specific banker bets. Many of our follower find it difficult to select best games from our daily banker bet and hence wanted us to get the job done for them. Truth be told that almost all games posted on our website are played by most of our admins, hence followers would also love to play those games we play too so as to make profit.

Do we Scam our Client / Followers ?

The answer to this question is ” No ” . Our Company was formed in 2014 and till now had gained lot of followers and subscribers, our website gains lot of views on News, Entertainment, Banker Bet and lots more and lot of these people keep testifying to our games published almost everyday. We can’t afford to scam our followers as that would tarnish our reputation. We would post games to you as promised and answer your call when ever you call on us. After payment we won’t stop answering your calls nor refuse to publish games on our premium pages as this will not tell good of us.

Finally we don’t deal on just Betting Tips, we also offer News, Entertainment News, Fashion Gossip and host of other activities so we can’t afford to lose our followers nor tarnish our reputation.

Our first experience with customers !!!

When Aeroberry started it had just few admins thus making it difficult to attend to almost all areas of our website, This made us to purchase games for hundred of Dollars and Euro[s] from some foreign website and we distributed these games to our members, we only realized we had made a big mistake when most of the tip they gave to us failed at intervals for good number of weeks. When we noticed this we refunded some members their money but could not refund all due to heavy loss we made by buying games from tipsters who were unreliable.

This gave us a bad reputation initially until we employed top professionals to manage our punting section and this yielded tremendous result. These professionals are five in numbers and are situated Overseas. They provide our Unders, Overs, BTS and other host of markets found on our website.

What do I get as a premium member ?

As a premium member of aeroberry.com you would be sent a URL and a password once your payment is confirmed. Contained in this URL on our website are 99% confidence level banker bets. These banker bets have incredible high success rate and the odd for this games ranges from a total odd of 3.00 and above, the games given to members are three to five in numbers and do not exceed five matches or go below three matches. As stated earlier the total odd for these 5 games or 3 games showed to members daily would not go below 3.00 odds in total but may exceed 3.00 odds.

The minimum odd we send to members are 3.00 while there is no maximum odds. The number of maximum odds is dependent on the number of games with high accuracy we could spot on a particular day. However the games may not exceed five games in total except for days we may decide to drop a lucky 63 match or a super Heinz games for members and this normally consist of 6 -7 match with incredible odds.

As a member is profit guaranteed?

We take punting seriously and as a full time job. Our return from punting/betting in a month is more than most ceo’s salary in a year . Take a look on the dates on the images just from investing on football market in a month, clearly we are top professionals in punting.
No doubt football is the highest form of ” Roi ” [ Return On Investment ], meaning you can invest 500,000 naira today and make a gross profit of 1 million in just a day for an odd of 2, as simple as that. Clearly, no investment can pay you as high as that [ bonds, shares, debentures e.t.c not even forex ]. We know the true value of money because we work with professional accountants.

Our total goal is to see that you make extremely huge profit as games given to you would be from 90% to 99% confidence level. It is imperative to note that we don’t sell fix matches or claim to sell any so as to avoid getting wrong impression. Our games are games that have been severely analyzed and have little chances of failure.

Your subscription with us would last for a period of 30 days which is a minimum period of 1 month. And within these days you would be smiling to the banks almost every day.

Note -:- Any day where we can’t find banker bets, members are notified on the premium page and those days won’t add to their subscription.
5 essential benefits you stand to get as a premium member.

Your would be smiling almost everyday to the bank, because your hard earned 7000 naira you invested with us will be making lots of cash for you
You would be making good cash from the Bookies within few days after subscription
Most members do start up businesses on their own with our premium tips, by setting up a website or Facebook groups or any social media groups and resell these games, thereby making even higher profits . You could be the next, you can do whatever you want with those tips as long as it complies to moral policies and laws .
At the end of the month you would be happy you subscribed with us .
Finally the benefits are too numerous to be mentioned, little wonder we have thousands of subscribers with lesser complaints since we migrated to this new plan.

This offer is limited, Rush now while offer last

Call us on our customer care line from 12noon to 6pm everyday on 08085038965 . Calls before or outside the stipulated time may not be attended to.

Note-:- T&C Apply

(4) Gt Bank

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Account Number -:- 0033956447
Account type: Savings account.