My name is DEBO. I had worked for an exporting company in Lagos as an OPERATION MANAGER. Having worked for several years in the export industry, i have a vast knowledge in export and import of Non Oil and Gas exportation. My Area of specialty is in export of Lumpwood Charcoal to European countries.
I am doing this to bring this area of business to the awareness of our retired citizens and those that do not know what to do with the little capital in their account that is wasting away.My info is given above just to let out a little profile of myself for your perusal.
I will be willing to give out all that you need to know and how to start your own lumpwood charcoal business.
There are two main reason why i'm writing out this:
(1) To let those that are interested in the business know how to go about doing the trade, with a sound lecture and handout that contain details on every steps you take to achieving your goal and dream come true.
(2)And congratulate those who have come around to seek information about starting up theirs; now most are all doing good in this business. I can bet you procrastination is the thief of time. why dont you book your own private lecture in our office today.
I will like to stop here and for any more enquiries on these trade , do not hesitate to call these numbers: 08062589125 or 08029802376. I will be willing to receive a call from you. Please and please, no flashing and the consultation fee N10000(Not negotiable).Thanks