Have you noticed how all vacancy adverts in Nigeria come equipped with age restrictions? Of course you should have especially if you may have been living in this country fro the last couple of years.

Its a blind issue. we see it but we don't really see it and the people who can do alot for us with respect to change don't even acknowledge its existence.(it does not affect me, why should I care?) To acknowledge it would be to actually announce that corporations in the country violate the very basic rights and principles of the doctrine of equity. The doctrine that guarantees our basic freedoms as people.

Well, Nigeria has always had a management problem; there is no way to police the application of this law and many others that are quite frankly ignored.Besides, who will be our whistle blower? The issue of proof is a non existent the adverts usually state that applicants above advertised age will be ignored.

Old graduates really have it tough getting any decent type of job. The odds are stacked firmly against them. You need to either be a pretty female, have a family with connections, be really smart, be a prayer warrior or just be plain lucky to get a job either by lying about your age or not.

The bottom line is that all organisations violate the doctrines of Equity and no one finds anything wrong with that in this country. I dare anyone of them to open offices in Europe and America and advertise vacancies with age restrictions. It will be goodbye company and welcome lawsuit.

This is a clear violation of the Rules of Equity but since its not a "problem" worth mentioning nobody talks about it. But then again who cares

Do you?