Chebe Powder:
This is a product of Chad that repairs, nourishes and grows your hair.

If you can keep your hair moisturized and lubricated for a longer time, the texture, strength and overall appearance of your hair will drastically improve and change for better. This is one remarkable thing Chebe powder does.

Chebe powder is one fantastic hair growth secretes of women in Chad – the key to those enviable long and naturally coarse hair that famously goes past their rear ends. They simply cover their hair with this mixture to preserve and retain their hair moisture.

Chebe powder and Karkar oil is a magical hair strengthening and moisturising mixture.

?It is an ancient method with origins from African countries Chad and Sudan used to grow and manage hair.

?It is a blend of herbs. It reduces hair breakage and aids length retention.

? It makes the hair thick, full,soft and long,treats danfruff.
it can be used for kids and adults.

guaranteed result from 1-2weeks of usage.

Karkar Oil:
CS karkar oil is a product of Sudan. It helps thicken your hair, remove dandruff and stop hair fall.

It’s unique ingredients such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, vitamins E and K offers your hair a huge growth advantage. with this pure chebe oil, you can make your own chebe oil. Some of the benefits of this oil include:

Boost hair growth and regrowth
It helps put a stop to flakiness and scalp dryness
One of the major uses of this karkar oil is in the massaging of the scalps which helps to trigger the circulation of blood thus accelerates hair growth.

Chebe Oil:
You can use this Grow Inches Karkar oil to make chebe oil.

The ingredients you need are:

Two (2) table spoons of CS Chebe powder
200ml of CS karkar oil
A safe place with natural light or a highly controlled
To prepare your chebe oil, all you have to do is add two table spoons of Grow Inches chebe powder into this 200ml of karkar oil. Shake it very well and keep it in the sun for a week. If you don't want to keep it under the sun, you can used a controlled heat to warm the mixture in such a way that the heat will not destroy the ingredients in the chebe powder.

Whichever heating process you choose, shake very well and sieve out the chebe residues out. You can use the residues next time or straight on your hair.

Now take the oil and start using it on your hair.

We have included other ways you can use this combo to achieve an amazing result.

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PRICE: N3,000
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