My people, hmmm! I hereby tender my unreserved apology for actually believing the the so-called Universal Energy Resources job vacancy advert, which was placed in this forum is genuine. On the contrary, I have been forced to eat my words back.
I just received this mail from them: please check below:

25, Idoro Road, Uyo. Akwa Ibom.
Akwa Ibom-State, Nigeria.
Tel: +234-8182850634;
Fax: +234-8182850660

16- May -2011.

Notification of your Appointment Letter:

Applicant Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is an Affirmation that your Experiences and Qualifications where found suitably qualified for the requirements of Universal Energy Resources Ltd., Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

We have received your application and CV which has passed through screening and was confirmed suitable, you have been confirmed capable of working with our company, we hereby present to you the soft copy of your Appointment Letter which proofs that you have been employed to work with Universal Energy Resources Ltd. and We employ staff based on four core values namely Productivity, Talent, Ambitions and Character and we expect all our staff to exhibit these Core values.

Employees would have to provide a Scan copy of their Nigerian National I.D card/Driver's license along with the copy of your Employment Insurance Certificate which you procure from Golden Spring Chambers to be submitted to the company on the interview/assessment date, the Company now makes it mandatory for every shortlisted applicant to summit an Employment Insurance Certificate as stated in the company's policy and terms of employment . This certificate certifies or ensures that any staff coming to work with us will be accorded all the entitlements of the member of our organization and will abide with the rules of this organization and also must complete the job contract with our company before leaving. Only candidates that has submitted their Employment Insurance Certificate will be included in the Employment database sheet of our company.

Contact: Barr. Monday C. Akwarandu
Designation: Attorney and Solicitor
TEL: +234 8165116608
Email: [email protected]

Kindly, contact the above Attorney as soon as you receive this mail to schedule the date he can be able to procure your Employment Insurance Certificate. Note that all employee's coming down for their interview should inform the company before making their journey for further necessary briefing and directions.

Interview Date: 20th May, 2011.

Interview Venue: Universal Energy Resources Ltd. Premises, Uyo, Akwa Ibom , Nigeria.

Engr.Dr. Udi O.Ode
H.R.D (Human Resource Dept.)
UERL Company Nig. Ltd.,
Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.
Tel: +234-8182850634
E-mail: [email protected]

We wish you success and Good luck!