Training on Plant Design and Management System ,(PDMS ) In Porthacourt
Using AVENA PDMS AND E3D Softwares
The PDMS Training will cover tha following .....
? 3D Piping Modeling
? How to create Nozzle and holes by Negative Primitives
? How to Measure Distance
? Explicity Command in Pping Modelling
? Create Standard Equipment .. Heat Exchanger, Aircool, Vessel and Pumps
? Create structure and Colum , extend , copy and
? IsoDratf
? Create MTO Report into excel
? How to Mirror, Rotate, Offset Equipment
? Create Dimension and Create Notes
? 3D AND 2D Piping modelling
? Create Branches With TEE pipe modelling ..etc

Contact: 08067285259, 09072599798
Email : [email protected]