Seismic Interpretation & Well Logging Training Using Petrel
Geoken Tech offering subsidized Geoscience Training on Seismic and Petrophysical interpretation using PETREL

Venue: 8, Omotayo Bello Close, Thomas Estate –Ajah, Lagos State.

26, Ikotun Rd, College Bustop, Suite 15, Kazam Plaza.

•Basic theory of seismic reflection prospecting method in oil and gas.

Petrel Introduction & Interface

•Different types of well logs and their uses.
•Loading of 3D seismic reflection data, making Surfaces & Horizon

Seismic Visualization & QC
•Picking of faults (Importing fault data/Fault modeling)
•Loading of well logs

Importing well heads, well deviation & well tops
•Seismic-to-well tie using synthetic seismogram
•Mapping of reservoirs tops and base
• Generation of depth structures map using checkshot data.
•Calculation of petrophysical parameters
•Generation of various attributes maps
•Identification of prospects.

Time: 10am-2pm daily

NB: The softwares shall be installed during the training for all participants.

Cost: #40,000

For registration and enquiry contact
Wassap ( 0806036053