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Topic: Microwave engineering

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    Microwave engineering

    Microwave Radio Engineering broadens your horizon on the core of Wireless Networking as covered in
    CWNA curriculum and GSM Engineering. It gives you a complete understanding of wireless networking
    and communication.

    Course content:
    Wireless LAN and its applications.
    Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals, RF behaviors, RF Antenna concepts and RF mathematics.
    Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS,DSSS, OFDM and MIMO)
    Wireless LAN Infrastructure Devices (Access points, Routers, Switches and Bridges)
    Antennas and Accessories, Antenna categories and types, Antenna location and Installations.
    Wireless LAN Organizations and Standards (FCC rules, IEEE and Wi-Fi alliance)
    802.11 Network Architecture (SSID, Roaming, Positioning, Authentication and Power Management)
    MAC and Physical Layers (RTS/CTS and Modulation)
    WLAN set up and management (SOHO, PTP, PTMP and WISP)
    Troubleshooting Wireless LAN Installations (Multipath, Hidden Node, Near Far, RF interference,
    Throughput and Weather.)
    Wireless LAN Security and security policies.
    Site Survey Fundamentals

    COST: 50K

    Who should attend?
    Engineering and Science professional in Oil and Gas, Telecommunication or ICT sector.
    Unemployed Engineering and Science graduates seeking for high paying jobs in Oil & Gas,
    Telecommunication or ICT companies.
    Serving (NYSC) Engineering and Science graduates seeking for good paying jobs in oil & gas, telecoms
    and ICT companies.
    Self employed entrepreneur seeking for career advancement.
    Engineering and Science Students.
    Anyone with passion for knowledge who seek employment or career advancement in Oil & Gas,
    Telecommunication and ICT.

    Mastering the principle of wireless systems network planning and Radio frequency (RF) plus GSM
    engineering gives you an edge in the labor market. It stands you out as a professional with exceptional
    skills and can also pay your bills as an entrepreneur
    This is a highly sought after professional skill in the labor market with high salary and benefits.


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    Re: Microwave engineering

    Free accommodation for those outside Port Harcourt

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