Hyapack Training In Portharcourt Using HYPACK 2018
• Geodetic Parameters •
Planned Line Design
Equipment Configuration
• Data Collection supporting over 200 sensors
• Data Processing
• Tides and Sound Velocity
• Sounding Reduction
• Export to DXF/DGN •
Plotting of Smooth Sheets •
Volumes by Section •
Volumes by Surface Model •
Contouring to DXF
• 3D Visualization
• Side Scan Collection and Processing
• ACDP Collection and Display
• Manually enter X-Y or Lat-Long waypoints for your planned lines.
• Use the cursor to set waypoints.
• Create offsets from one of several methods.
• Import planned lines created in your CAD/GIS package (*.DXF).
• Generate 3-D planned lines that contain your channel toe-point and top-of-bank info.
• Clip planned lines to your exact area, using a HYPACK Border file
. • Planned lines can have: o 2 or more segments o Straight or curved
Channel Design
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