what we teach using ArcGIS T0 10.5.1

1.Routing display on basemaps [ creating navigation path ]
2. Elevations - topomaps
3. Bathymetric survey data interpolation and display- Navigational path creations using GIS ( Maritime Charting Using ARCGIS 10.5.1 )
4. Bathymetric maps ( MARITIME CHARTING )
5. Sounding data /image report and display
6. Datum transformation ( from. local origin to utm )
7. Noise modeling
8. Direction of water flow
9. Rasters / geodatabase
10. Image interpretation using – google earth, orthorectifed ariel photos.
11.Drone mapping.
12.Production of digital terrain models (dtm) of the bottom suface for engineering design (tunnels, pipelines, bridges)
13.Hydrographic surveys for navigational safety using arcgis.
14.Geotechnical studies using arcgis.
15. land information
17. Mapping with google earth.
18. Production of digital terrain models (dtm) of the bottom for engineering design (tunnels, pipelines, bridges).
19. Pre- and post dredging survey-( volume calculation using ARCGIS )
20. Drill site investigations using ARCGIS
21 Drilling Bench control using ARCGIS
22 Sedimentation mapping ( erosion and control )
23 Maritime Charting using ARCGIS
24 Communication mobile Tracking using Gis
25 Offshore hydrocarbon mapping using Remote Sensing
26 Remote Sensing oilspillage Mapping using Remote Sensing

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