Using Gis and sophisticated Marine Geophysical sensors to make reliable Maps of seafloor and Sub bottom for Geology
The Training will cover
Hydrographic Survey , Geophysical Survey, Sediment Sampling , Marine Vegetation Survey , Pipeline Survey , Paleochannel , Sand Resources Survey.
1 Mosaic of acoustic Images mapping ….. Images are interpreted to produce maps that show the lateral extent of surficial lithology (Silt and Sand , Gravel ) and Natural bedrock Cultural ( Ship recks and Pipeline 0r Biology ( fish and vegetation )
`SIDESCAN --- 100khz – 500khz is used for Geological characterization, research and recovery survey mapping.
While 600khz --- 1200khz is used for high resolution archheological and marine Vegetation Mappimg and survey
2. Magnetic contour Survey and Mapping……
§ Using Marine Magnetometer ----Locating buried pipe using Marine Magnetometer.
For locating buried or submerged oil pipelines , sunken ships based on their positive and Negative Magnetic anomaly.
We then prepare magnetic contour MAPS that reveal normalies that represent buried ferrous objects that disrupts the magnetic field.
Magnetometer is towed about 200’ behind the survey vessel to prevent data interference on the ferrous on board the survey vessel
3. Sediment Sampling Mapping…….
Using Vibratory Corers
a. Vibracorers … Capable o collecting continuous core samples of 5’ to 30’
b. Gravity Corer --- 1” to 5’ core sample of unsolidated sediments
c. Alpine Vibrocorer …. Capable to penetrate into the sea floor about 20’ to 40” to collect continuous stratigraphic sequence of soil material
4. Subbottom Profiler ….( Seismic Refraction )
§ Subbottom Profiling to determine pipe’s depth-of-burial.
Mapping the cross sectional profile of sediment layer sbelow the seafloor to produce from seismic data subbottom crosss sections and iso pach / sediment thinkness contour charts.
5. Penetrometer profile mapping…. Display the rate of core depth refusal.
We genegrate the penetration profile maps
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