Geophysical Marine survey training in portharcourt’
Course out line……
1. Measure and Draw your Survey Boat and save as DXF and import into Hypack
2. Offset measurement on Boat , referencing the Starboard and port ( forward ) and BRP ( Boat reference Point )
3. Configure Hypack , QINSY, CARIS with
The Towfish….
A. MultibeamEchoSounder..... Measuring ocean depth
B sidescan----- Capturing Pictures of Oceanfloor with Coordinate Position of the the captured Materials
C Subbottom Profiler ----Sediment Lithology below the Ocean floor
D Magnetometer---- Measuring Buried Ferrous Materials( Pipeline , ship wreak etc )
4. Data Acquisition and Processing ( Practical Using Survey Boat )
5. Post data interpretation using ….. Sonarwiz, hypack, CARIS, QINSY
6. Bathymetric Report ….Gis Maps and Export to DXF
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