We Are Here To Inform You About Foreign Exchange Investment.

We help Investors / Individual to manage account in Foreign Exchange
Market at a minimum deposit starting at $5,000 US Dollars.
Basically, we are making up to 20% profits or more before the end of the
months, mean we are making $1000+ in US Dollars every month.
Let your money work for you in Foreign Exchange Market

No entry fees, you only pay us 30% whenever you withdraw from your

You don't need any experience
Your funds are managed by professional traders
You have 24/7 monitoring of your account
You having total control of your funds at all times ( we manage your
trading account at regulated broker).
You can get back to us if you are interested.

1. National ID Card/International Passport
2. Nepa Bill
3. Domiciliary Account
For more details take a look on our website

Phone:07043440726 08052962047
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ft-forex.com.ng