Today DELSU start their POST UTME EXAM. I was there and was able to interview more than 100 persons that wrote the examination both in the morning and afternoon session. This is some of the comment of some of the students i interview.

ANONYMOUS: There are some kind of rotten rotten questions that they set(A BOY FROM WARRI)

ANONYMOUS: The questions was somehow, i can realy recollet them but is was somehow anyhow (A BOY FROM SAPELE)

ANONYMOUS: The questions was really confusing. i just hope God help me to succeed (A GIRL FROM WARRI)

ANONYMOUS: There are some questions which a just think was meant to stress us. Any way i just hope God will see us through. ( A GIRL FROM LAGOS)

Any many more comment from others.

When i think of what many have came through to get to this stage, it really pains me to hear some of this comments. Many spend reasonable amount of money to buy JAMB. They also bought POST UTME form for close to #6000.00 naira and now they are competiting with close to 19,000 eligible student in which at the end of the day only about 4,000 will be admitted and 15,000 will have the option to take poly form or rewrite JAMB.

But do you know all the student that wrote this exam today that made this negative comment was the cause of their problems? How you may ask?

What some call rotten questions or confusing questions was actually the 25 delsu post utme aptitude test questions that you are required to answer irrespective of your department or your cause of study. The truth is that this delsu post utme aptitude test are really confusing for those that did not understand it but for those that understand it, it is the cheapest. Just like the common saying that what you did not know is bigger than you.

Right at the gate of campus 111 where the exam was taken is one of my aptitude test hand out in blue and black entitled AT A GLANCE APTITUDE TEST AND ENGLISH.

From my interaction with most of the student, most of the questions type was taken from chapter 3, and chapter 6 and 7 of that aptitude test handout, yet most just walk pass it right at the gate and are regretting now. Well it is too late to cry when the head is off or like the English proverb said, you cannot cry over spilled milk.

Many persons are still going to write on tuesday and wednesday, so if you are among them or you know someone who does, did you want to make thesame mistake again? If you really want to get those call rotten questions right and stressful questions easy, then get this handout and study chapter 3,6 and 7. It is thesame question that will be repeated in different form. Once you understand it, you are set to get that 25 mark of delsu post utme aptitude test questions right. In addition, we have included more than 300 idiomatic expression in which i was able to confirm that all was repaeted. Also all the nearest in meaning question among the 400 nearest in meaning was also repeated.

To cut long story short, if you live in warri, effurun and it environment you can get this AT A GLANCE POST UTME APTITUDE TEST AND ENGLISH HANDOUT from me at AIRPOT JUNCTION, BY MOBIL FILLING 0909611917. I will be there as early as 6.30am since i know many will be travelling to ABRAKE to write the exam. The 45 to 50 minutes drive is just enough to cover all you need. Please for goodness sake inform you friends and relations.

If you are already in ABRAKA, you can get this right at the gate before you enter into the campus three. Just call: 0703269142 or 0703109540. Note that anly limited copy are available there.

For proficiency, i will advice you study the 12 chapters, the idiomatic expression and nearest in meaning for your first 50 marks. Unlike others who just sell past questions and leave you, we teach you and follow up with you till you get admission.

Another benefit for those writing on wednesday is that i will be having live tutorial lectures on tueday at campus ii on apttitude test, English and your cause of study for limited number of person. So if you are writing on wednesday, just register for this tutorials by sending me your departmment and name. Registration ends 1.00pm on tuesday. Lecture start 4.00pm till day brake. We must excel by the grace of God

For further enquiry please call: 0909611917. THANKS