The Emel Group is one of Nigeria's leading business conglomerates with a major presence across diverse sectors including Consumer Products, Corporate Services and Infrastructure. For over four decades, the Group has made a significant contribution to the country's economy and inspired the trust of millions of Nigerians as a provider of quality goods at an affordable price. What began in 1966 as a humble, family-run trading enterprise has today grown into a professional powerhouse with over 400 employees, led by a highly qualified and globally experienced senior management team.
The Emel Group's headquarters are situated in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria and supported by solid infrastructure including two manufacturing units and several warehouses. The Group also has extensive operations in China, Hong-Kong and India.
Constant innovation, strategic partnerships and a customer focused approach have been the cornerstones of the Group's phenomenal growth. Ever since its inception, Emel has enjoyed successful alliances with its Trade Partners in order to provide the Nigerian marketplace with world class products and services. The Group's partners include global companies and locally established dealers and distributors.

JOB TITLE: Accounting Officer

  • The main purpose of an account officer is to analyze financial activities.
  • He is also responsible for promotion of all our products.
  • Must maintains the growth targets of finance of our company.
  • Helps in solving due accounts of the past.
  • He looks after managing financial risks.
  • He also helps in improving pricing of item and of sales.
  • He reviews all the necessary documents to avoid disputes.
  • If any financial problem arises, it is his duty to look after the matter and solve it.
  • He also looks for areas to cut the cost of the company. This helps in gaining profit.
  • He is responsible for all the client communications.
  • He looks after the quality standards to ensure clients are satisfied with the products.


  • Must be in charge of all the accounts maintained in the company.
  • Account officers prepare the budget for the companies they are working under. He compares previous years budgets and try to improve the drawbacks.
  • They should be prepared to lead during crisis.
  • An account officer must maintain payments and receipts.
  • He must ensure all the bills are paid properly.
  • Another important duty of an account officer is to look whether all the audit objectives and audit statements are responded properly.
  • He should allocate works to staffs according to workload.
  • Look after weekly/monthly reports.

Skills Required

  • Comfortable with computer handling. Should know how to handle accounts through computer systems.
  • Must have booking and financial accounting skills.
  • Problem solving skills are necessary.
  • Professionalism is a must in every account officers.
  • Time management is compulsory.
  • Able to work with teams and lead during crisis.
  • Should work as office administrator.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Qualifications Required

  • BSc / HND/ OND required. Accounting, Finance majors preferred.
  • 1-2 years of Accounting experience in collegiate environment or customer service fields
  • Must be expert in Microsoft Excel and Word.

Method of application

Interested and qualified candidates should email a detailed CV alongside with a covering letter to [email protected]

Deadline: 4 weeks from the day of publication