We are looking to fill the role of a CEM Platform Engineer.

Job Description:

  • Familiar with the core network, wireless network, BSS, and OSS basic knowledge, and the customer's O M network architecture. Have general knowledge of the network architecture and service processes related to the core network, wireless network, BSS, or OSS.
  • Have IT project background and be familiar with the deployment of servers and switches.
  • Familiar with network protocol, data communication and network security knowledge, and experience in related projects;
  • Basic knowledge of database, familiar with SQL syntax and SQL logic optimization, experience in database application development and O&M is preferred.
  • Communication capability: Be able to communicate with customers in face to face and through emails, share professionally, and provide technical guidance.


  • BSc in Computer Engineering, IT or related field.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PPT, Outlook Office Tools.
  • Familiar with hardware configuration of servers and switches is preferred.
  • Familiar with network protocol, data communication, network security, 3GPP, etc.
  • Communication and thinking skills: Strong communication skills and clear Logic;

Qualified candidates should send their Applications and CVs to [email protected] using the role as the subject of your email.