Nigeria Custom Market; AUTHORIZED CAR AUCTIONS/SALES FOR 2013.1st Hand New Tokunbo Cars For Sale at Little Cost.CALL CUSTOMS COMT.:‎08169183871: [email protected], Nigeria Custom cars for sale; 1st Hand New Tokunbo cars for sale here in Nigeria this car are seized by different custom officers for illegal importation of this cars to the country; if you are interested in owning a very sound car at a very cheap rate; Rating from # 380,000 upward; This is a great Opportunity dont let this pass by you" This car are in different ports and Borders in Nigeria, this is a give-away price for all the sized cars by the custom officers at a very cheap rate. There are lot of cars raging from: Toyota;Acura SUV;Mercedes Benz;Honda;Buss es;Trucks;Vans, Bulldozer,Tract ors, Ford SUV;Hyundai;Suz uki;Nissan;Powe r-Bikes. E.T.C If you are of interest in owning your personal car at Little cost call the Customs officers Agent for a real connection to get your dream car at Little cost. NOTE: Offer Valid While Stock Last; Money back guarantee: You Can Reach us Via Mail On:[email protected] OR CALL COMRADE ‎08169183871,,, Adress: CUSTOM DIVISIONAL OFFICE AT SEME BORDER HEAD OFFICE KM 20 WESTERN BYE PASS,MOHAMADDU ROAD. GOVE THESE ARE CUSTOM IMPOUNDED VEHICLE WHICH ARE OUT ON AUCTION IN (2013/ 2014) AUCTION PERIOD,INTERESTED BUYERS SHOULD COME TO THE OFFICE WITH THE NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PREPARATION OF THE DOCUMENT OF THE CAR OR SEND YOUR DETAILS TO [email protected], CONTACT COMRADE ON ‎08169183871. REQUIREMENT FOR DEALERSHIP All new dealers should come with: 1.A VALID INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT 2.CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION OF COMPANY 3.A BANK TELLER OF #120,000 FOR THE DEALERSHIP CERTIFICATE 4.A WELL FILLED CUSTOM ORDER FORM 5.ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE & A GOOD RESUME FOR INDIVIDUALS BUYING BELOW FOUR CARS. You are to come with: 1.VALID INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT, DRIVING LICENSE OR NATIONAL ID CARD. 2.FILLED COPIES OF THE CUSTOM ORDER FORM 3.A TELLER OF #50,000 FOR THE WAREHOUSE AUTHORITY AND CLEARANCE DUTY 4.TWO PHOTOGRAPH PASSPORT 5.LOCAL GOVERNMENT OF ORIGIN & BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR BUYERS THAT CANNOT MAKE IT DOWN TO THE OFFICE. you are to send a scan copy of: 1.VALID INTERNATIONAL,D RIVING LICENSE & NATIONAL ID CARD 2.BANK TELLER OF PAYMENT FOR CUSTOM DUTY REGISTRATION 3.A FILLED CUSTOM ORDER FORM 4.TWO PHOTOGRAPH PASSPORT NOTE= NO BUYER SHOULD COME DOWN WITH MONEY TO THE OFFICE FOR SECURITY REASONS.