I am Adewumi by name i am using this opportunity to introduce you to meeting one on one business ideas that must turn

thousands of naira to millions of naira,let me explain how is going to work.If you are interested in this idea you are just

to follow my instructions and is not that you are going to pay to me CAPITAL NO,in this business we are going to meet

physically as i am ready to meet you in any part of the country and if you wish to come to my place as well you are

highly welcome to carry out the business as decision is yours on this,your money will be in your

account i will just begiving guidelines on what to do and i promise you within a month we will achieve a great profit back

to your account,thisis not MMM,PONZI SCHEME or SCAM,this is pure business.We are meeting in person just for you to know

that i am real and to help you to continue the business once we achieve the good profit.The intial capital for this

business start from 500,000Naira - 800,000Naira or more depending on your finanial strength.These businesses are EXPORT OF

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS,FOREX,OIL BUSINESS,TELECOMMS,E.T.C and is also available for millionaires who are ready to increase

their daily,weekly or monthly income I am repeating this you are not going to pay this to my account all the business will

be done with your name but after successful business within a month you will pay me 20% of total profit,but i promise you

you will smile to bank everyday as this is reliable daily income with NO RISK.

If you are interested kindly call me on or whatsapp 08181813970