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#WEFA (wefundafrica) is here for good, it completely gives MMM and Ultimate Cycler a run for its money by performing brilliantly well in areas where Ultimate Cycler fails to meet up to expectation, i will elaborate below.

In WEFA (wefundafrica) you pay N8,000 for grade1 and get matched with 5 people to pay you N8,000 each making it N40,000.

1.Its matches automatically you dont need to bring anyone, Ultimate Cycler is a referral scheme because you cant create an account without using someones referral link but in WEFA you can just log into the website and create an account and it will randomly match you to a user to pay to which means even without bringing anyone your payment is assured. The system matches people on a first come first serve basis.

2.WEFA ruthelessly deletes accounts that refuse to pay up, there is a timer on the dashboard when you sign up and the moment it counts down to zero and you refuse to pay up your account is deleted, this means only active members are on this program making the payment very fast, you can sign up today and get your cash in 48 hours.

So what are you waiting for, the system matches on first come first serve basis so check it and read FAQ use this link to sign up ?

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