A multinational telecom company in looking to fill the role of a DATACOM COMMUNICATION NETWORK ENGINEER.


Job location: Nigeria

Professional knowledge requirements:
1. Over 5 years of successful work experience in data communication network project delivery or network maintenance;
2. Familiar with HVPN / Seamless IPRAN solution and have the ability to do troubleshooting for complex problems;
3. Familiar with datacom related technologies such as MPLS L3VPN / L2VPN, IGP / BGP/Qos;
4. Experience in actual project delivery, customer technology communication, and certifications such as CCIE /HCIE is preferred;
5. Strong communication ability, good customer service awareness and network security awareness;
6. Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, can be used as a working language

kindly send your cv to [email protected] if you are qualified for review and interview schedule