You will be responsible for the following duties:
> Prepare annual budget, analyze budgetary needs, and monitor the utilization of operating funds.
> Procure supplies for the Department.
> Provides administrative support to leadership.
> Advise leadership on the utilization of staff, equipment, and the allocation of funds.
> Formulate and revise the annual budget plan. > Research, compile and summarize cost data for laboratory and pathology test supplies and procedures.
> Serve as control point official to obligate and verify fund expenditures.
> Originate budget requests when additional funds are needed.
> Monitor and track obligations and expenditures for base support functions.
> Maintain and direct a system of internal controls to assure sound fiscal management.
> Perform cost analysis studies and prepare data summaries.
> Meet with outside contractors/vendors and review and recommend changes to proposed contracts.
> Certify billing and contract payments, and ensure availability of funds prior to procurement.
> Submit quarterly expenditure reports.
>May perform other duties as assigned.

> BSc with emphasis in finance/accounting.
> Skill in planning, preparation, and analysis of fiscal budgets, including comparative trends for use in budgetary review meetings.
> Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook adequate to perform duties.

Interested applicant should write a short application letter, stating work experience and individual core values attached with their cv to [email protected], not adhering to the instruction can lead to disqualification of application.
Shortlisted applicant will be contacted.