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Dear Client,

You many not have not realized it yet but but you’ve just discovered the most fantastic, proven, time-tested, simple, and even guaranteed way to turn your hard earned cash into a raging river of residual income via our genuine investment programme!

MILLIONS of Naira has been paid into our investors account that have taken their time to invest with us doing their due diligence and investing what they cannot afford to lose because ONLY a trial can convince you.

How? We have several investment successful portfolios where we invest our clients' funds into. They are in the ranges of the Importation Sector, Financial Markets Trading and Oil and Gas Sectors so we do not put all our eggs into one basket. We were formerly a private company until we came to the public in early 2012 to cater for the needs of the society via our investment plans.

GoldWise Nigeria (R. C. 6291 is an investment platform that appeals to all members of the society. GoldWise Nigeria investment diversifying portfolios ranges from the Transport sector, Oil and Gas sector, Health sector, Foreign and International Stocks Trading, Telecommunication businesses e. t. c.


GOLDWISE START: plan is for the undergraduates, house wives, students, unemployed and corpers looking for a sustainable income that would keep them going and make them available with Cash - at - hand.
Investment Deposit:
Minimum: N10,000. 00
Maximum: N75,000. 00
Duration: 30 working days excluding weekends and public holidays.
Percentage Returns: 200%
e. g. If a GoldWise Start Investor deposits N10,000. 00, at the end of the duration stated above, he/she receives N20,000. 00 into his payment method of his own choice into his Savings Bank Account.

GOLDWISE EMPOWER: plan is for workers looking forward to earning extra income, graduates looking forward to increase/raise up their capital for their businesses and growing companies that needs more funds to expand their base and working team.
Investment Deposit:
Minimum: N100,000. 00
Maximum: N875,000. 00
Duration: 40 working days including weekends and excluding public holidays.
Percentage Returns: 200%

GOLDWISE EXPAND: market is for independent individuals, big and expanding companies finding a way to diversify their funds to create sustainable income available for its management and marketing teams thereby creating more opportunities for the public sector. This is for individuals looking forward to earning extra passive income for their funds hence not keeping their money in the banks or micro finance institutions enabling their funds work for them in the long run.
Investment Deposit:
Minimum: N1,000,000. 00
Maximum: N6,750,000. 00
Duration: 60 working days including weekends and public holidays.
Percentage Returns; 225%

GOLDWISE AUTHORITY: scheme is for the retired men, politicians, top society men, ever-green successful companies that are looking forward earning passive income and generating income capital that works for their business and helps them create more opportunities.
Investment Deposit:
Minimum: N10,000,000. 00
Maximum: Unlimited
Duration: 60 working days excluding weekends and public holidays.
Percentage Returns; 250%

GOLDWISE MARKET: plan is for people that do not have money to invest but have individual prospective clients or companies to introduce and can invest. All GoldWise Clients are automatically members of GoldWise Market.
When you introduce a prospective client to us and he invests, you are entitled to earning 22. 5% of the client's total R. O. I. while the investor clients receives 77. 5% of his total returns but it is applicable to only one time being an investor thereby to earn more, you market and introduce more to us. The next time the client invests, the GoldWise Marketer cannot receive any returns from the clients funds. It can be done PT or FT.
The choice is up to you.

If you have any specific questions/inquiries, check out the site first and let us know.

GoldWise Nigeria (R. C. 6291
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Any period of contact after these periods would not be answered except via mail.