To be candid and honest with you, let me go straight to the point without wasting your precious time.

I went for a business opportunity programme recently to upgrade my streams of income (lol..if you know what I mean)

I started the business last month and I have generated a little above N80,000.00 in less than 30 days.

To cut the long story short (You want more gist, you have my contact, call/email me, I will answer you to your delight)

Please and Please, this is ONLY for serious people, it is not by force nor by struggle, I am pleading here.
- A Bank Card (Preferably GTBank).. contact me if you have others.
- Laptop and Connection Modem.
- A ONE-TIME Sum of N1,200.00
- Following My 4-Steps Instruction to the letter.
These are only the requirements, nothing more, nothing

This is not:
- Copy and .
- Trading.
- Data Entry
- Investments
- Forex.

This is a business opportunity that allows you generate up to N60,000.00 Monthly, it can be done Full Time or Part Time because Payment is once in a month.
Well well, if you think N60,000.00 is small to earn in a month, you are free to move ahead.

1. Once you state your interest, I will be sending you the instructions one after the other. If you do not finish the first step, I cannot send you the next.

2. The only message/e-mail I want from you once you have finished your step is "I HAVE FINISHED" then I will send you the next step or I will personally contact you via call/e-mail you depending on your choice of contact.

3. If you are not interested or you do not know how to complete a step, just tell me where you are missing then I will tell you what to do (specifically tell me your problem)

4. I do not want any form of complaints at all, this is not a scam, it is a real-paying business and the requirements above is ALL YOU NEED for it.

5. Once you complete the four step instructions, YES, I will NOW PERSONALLY guide you myself on how to make your first N60,000.00 Monthly, I Guarantee you.

6. For this business, I offer FREE 1-on-1 Consultation for this business, if you want to come and meet me, FINE, but make sure you bring all the requirements, if you do not have, then do not bother. This is the only requirement for you to come for the 1 on 1 (you are paying nothing). I will guide you all the way.

To state your interest, send "I AM SERIOUS" to either 08023415108/[email protected] then I will send you the FIRST STEP.

Good luck to you.

We shall all meet at the top.

Thank you for your attention.