Have you been searching every nook and cranny for answers to free internet browsing? Or have your free internet cheat been blocked? Do not worry again because today I present you the new improved and uninterruptible free internet browsing with MTN and ZAIN. Simply read on, follow the steps carefully and be sure to smile at the end as your computer will speedily browse the internet again.
To start with, I am going to reveal to you a new software many of you might know but don’t know its capabilities: IT IS FREEGATE-THE MASS FIREWALL BREAKER. Follow the below steps
Step 1
Simply connect your MTN mobile phone or better if you use a MODEM. If you don’t know how to connect your mobile phone to your computer or you can send me a mail and get a free manual
Step 2
Click here to download freegate 6. 80. launch it without any configuration, within 5 seconds it will connect to server and launches internet explorer automatically.
Preferably, Mozilla firefox and flock is a better browser. So if you have one already installed in your computer go ahead and configure it with the below settings; but if you don’t, simply click here to download Mozilla and click here to download flock.
I know by now you are already smiling, but if unfortunately you are unable to get it right; I have decide to give out a free E book on how to configure it to anybody. Just call me on 08069673628 and grab yours now.
Initially, you will remember that I said that MTN firewalls are in great turmoil and as a result there are many free browsing software better than Freegate that will interest you. Chat with your yahoo messenger, MSN and Gtalk without interruption whatsoever, update your antivirus and your PC drivers plus many more with this new software. I am not going to say much about it here because it is classified and it is only meant for those that need fast internet without interruption. You if you are interested, simply call my official hotline on 08069673628 or email my helpdesk on
How many times have you thought of the possibility of watching all you DSTV channels like, African magic, super sports, channel O, CNN and lots more on your computer free of charge without any subscription fee whatsoever. I know some of you must have heard about it but have never had the opportunity to see how it works and possibly enjoy it in their laptops. Anyway, I am here to explain how it works and also how you are going to set it up in your computer for your fun.
Firstly, before you begin to enjoy this offer, the first thing that must be accomplished is making sure that you have an internet connection on you computer. Now there is a latest version of the free DSTV software that is now loaded with up to 72 channels (the older version had 63 channels) for your leisure. All you have to do is to install the free DSTV setup, launch your internet access then you open the free DSTV software. Watching your favorite channel is as simple as selecting the channel and the window opens which you can conveniently turn full screen.
Summarily, the prerequisites for you to start watching all your DSTV channels free on your PC is just your internet connection( whether free or paid) and the free DSTV setup. The software will be sent to your email as attachment, which you will download and install with the configuration that will be provided together with the software.
I will enjoin all Nigerians to come and get this latest package because this offer will terminate on 31st of January after which I am going to increase the price to #4500; but for now the price is #3000.
Recently, one of my clients called me requesting for the snapshots, so I have to compile them and forward to him. So, if you still need the snapshot feel free to call me on 08069673628 for the shots.
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