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    by Published on Aug 15th, 11 04:39 pm

    The Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Engr. Austen Oniwon on Monday lamented the dwindling standard of education in Nigeria just as he said 80 percent job seekers failed the corporationís current recruitment test.
    Oniwon, who was represented by the corporationís Group General Manager (GGM), Group Public Affairs Unit, Dr. Levi Ajuonuma, at the grand finale of the 2011 NNPC annual quiz competition in Abuja called for the review of the nationís education curriculum in order to halt the rot in the sector.
    by Published on Jan 17th, 12 08:39 am

    Thanks be to God Almighty for His mercies, after service since last year june (2010) and series of tests and interview. I have finally landed a ...
    by Published on Jan 17th, 12 08:40 am

    While you are spending your time searching for jobs online, there are also some hiring managers who are surfing the net looking for prospects to fill open positions. One of the ways that you can help them ...
    by Published on Dec 14th, 11 06:21 pm

    Let me add the benefit of my time as a student and then resident in the UK - and I live in Lagos now. The first thing that I discovered about UK-born, white, English undergraduates was that all of them did holiday or weekend job to support themselves - including the children of millionaires amongst them. It is the norm
    by Published on Dec 14th, 11 06:23 pm

    TOWARDS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT (TYE):How to succeed in Business: a guide towards youth empowerment
    TYE is a youth motivated organization with the common purpose of building the youths of this generation into becoming self employed, self reliance and self dependents.
    The issue of non employment in the country is deriving many youths ...
    by Published on Dec 14th, 11 06:23 pm

    Searching for jobs everyday, and still no job, wont you be frustrated, are you not running crazy. cant you see that something needs to be done. Please wake up. Kindly view through this report, if you will probably gain something.
    TOWARDS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT (TYE)How to succeed in Business: a guide towards youth empowerment
    TYE is a ...
    by Published on Apr 18th, 11 09:45 pm

    It is a usual practice by recruiting organizations to specify age requirements as part of their eligibility criteria. In most vacancies the maximum age for entry level applicants is usually pegged at 27/28 and in some ridiculous circumstances 24/25. After consulting ...
    by Published on Mar 25th, 11 07:45 am

    ARE you saying you started secondary school at the age of five? Please take your papers and leave." The human resources director stared at the interviewee in disbelief. The setting was the Human Resources Department of a manufacturing company. The young man being addressed ...
    by Published on Mar 20th, 11 06:12 am

    The grand strategy is to create a Master File, including everything you may have to offer to any employer. Already it sounds daunting, but donít let this be a roadblock! Itís just the on ramp. Start entering and keep entering as you think of ...
    by Published on Mar 20th, 11 07:01 am

    A new year is fast approaching and you need a new impetus for the ever-elusive job. The article is a help for developing a master strategy.

    Just as you need different traps for catching mustangs, bears, and fish, you will need various strategies for hunting for an engineer opening, a psychologist assistant position, ...
    Published on Mar 17th, 11 10:35 pm

    WARRI- HUNDREDS of Itsekiri graduates, yesterday, morning stormed the Chevron Recreation Club, Warri, Delta State, venue of an on-going job placement interview and disrupted ...

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