Recruitment agencies: What is your experience

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by , Apr 13th, 11 at 12:21 pm (5008 Views)
There is a proliferation of recruitment companies/agencies around these days. Be it Guardian Newspapers or punch Newspaper, their ads are there with non-existing jobs.

Many of these agencies will collect money from applicants, send them to ridiculous places and that is it. Most times, the companies where applicants are posted do not have any direct relationships with the agencies.

this is sad and unprofessional. the promoters of such agencies know nothing about recruitment process nor are they human resources professionals. They operates aiming for the registration fees paid for the applicants and nothing more.

What is your take on this
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  1. white rose's Avatar
    It was my cousin that forst noticed it, she fell prey to one of the adverts and since then we've all been weary of adverts or jobs on newspaper. Some of them give address that's out of reach.
    May God help us all.
  2. robertmugabe's Avatar
    I almost fell a victim of one of them. They go by the name STARDOM. I was invited to write their aptitude test in a far-flung location, Ikorodu on the 15th of March. We were probably about 100 that turned up. What first struck me as odd was the lack of professionalism and organization about the whole exercise. We wrote the test standing, squatting, you were even at liberty to consult the individual nearest to you. As for the test itself, it was an absolute joke - 20 questions (the simplest questions) from GMAT to be answered in a time that wasnt even strictly adhered to. At the end, I dd'nt need a sooth-sayer to tell me, it was a charade, a sham. Feeling very embarrassed with my myself, I hurriedly left the venue after submitting my CV. I was'nt at all surprised a few days later when i got a text from them, saying I had passed and requesting I come with a sum of N2500 to pick up a recommendation letter for a particular coy, I never did.
    Their ads are pretty standard on the Guardian Newspaper of Tuesday or Thursday. Avoid the following, Stardom, Esther-breakthrough e.t.c A particularly hilarious one is an upright rectangular-box ad titled ''VACANCIES'' with the contact email jobs@ebtjobs.com, this dude claims to have existing vacancies for all imaginable professions be it MFB, Shipping, Oil and Gas,, Constructio, Manufacturing,Eateries e.t.c he gat it all. And perhaps as testament to his proficiency, the ad never ceases to appear in the Tuesday Guardian......A word they say is enough.....
  3. compugirlie's Avatar
    I remember when I was still seriously searching for job, I saw an advert on a sport newspaper and decided to call d contact. I specifically asked if he is an agent but he told me he is the real manager of the company. He sounded unlearned but becos I was desperately looking for job, I went. It was arou d agidingbin, in Ikeja. When I was directed to the place, I felt like, lady, see ur life, u in this place. The place looked more or less like a baba ijebu's post, then the man started asking me some questions like can u use a computer when it was boldly written on my cv that am a computer scientist and have proficiency in blah blah. I told him annoyingly to check my CV and stop asking me questions. We were like 3 ladies and a guy there. Later, he said, well the vacancy actually exist in one of our client's office but u will need to do an asthmatic test which will cost you #8500, the way he said the amount, I could read from his lips that he is a very poor man. The other lady asked if it was possible to do it in our personal hospitals but he said no. Thinking of the time wasted and money wasted, I said, Mr, can I have my CV back, collected my cV and left, d other ladies also collected their CV and we started gisting and laughing with each other on the main road.
  4. MAT-OFO's Avatar
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